I used to be a giant skeptic when it came to astrology and horoscopes. And having studied astrology more seriously over the last 3 years, I now understand why. Pop astrology, as the majority of the world knows it, is bit-sized horoscopes on the back of your weekly tabloid or the Sunday paper. I’d read it and think, this is nothing like me – not knowing to look for my rising sign, or even my moon sign (or one of the other personal planets). Or it’s a couple of keywords – usually negative – to foster fear and dread and more pain, when actually, astrology is, and can be, incredibly healing.

To me, astrology falls under self care. Right alongside face masks and candles and bubble baths, and also getting a full night’s sleep and learning when to take a break or say “no”. What better way to look after yourself, than by learning about your deeper self, what fulfills and nurtures you, how you can continue to grow and expand your intuition and potential, what your soul’s purpose is. Learning about your birth chart and the positioning of the planets within it will help give you clarity about your past, present, and also just maybe.. your future.

A birth chart reading is the blueprint for your life, regardless of the choices you make now. If you want to empower yourself to live your fullest, most nurtured life, or even just learn a little bit more about yourself, click on “Buy a Reading” to book a session with me.